Written by Harrison Norman

What is an affiliate program?

Surely, many of you, who came to learn about the affiliate program from Casino VPartners, are already familiar with how much money you can earn using various affiliate programs from the casino.

But for those who would like to start raising huge amounts of money on this job, you need to explain first what the essence of this affiliate program is and how it works, as well as how to start making decent amounts of money, without doing absolutely nothing receiving all income passively.

The affiliate program of Casino VPartners is that you, as a webmaster, provide your resource for advertising various casinos that have established themselves as one of the most status in the world, it is with such casinos that VPartners works. Other offers from little-known casinos are not accepted by the team of this platform, so you can be calm, no one will deceive your audience, even for the big money that you can get with Casino VPartners.

So, the bottom line is that an affiliate program is a great way to promote various gaming sites and platforms. You place on your service, whether it is a website or other advertising tool or web resource, an advertisement that is provided byVPartners.

At the same time, advertising is not limited to banners, you can choose the tool that suits you and your web resource the most, it all depends on the personal desire of the webmaster, the main thing is that from your page go to the casino website and start playing.

For example, 10 people followed your link, after which they liked the casino advertised by you and the person, of course, decides to stay on playing, make deposits, win good amounts for themselves, and at the same time you will receive stable passive income, since it will be considered yours referral. Income can be as much as 50% of the player’s deposits, it all depends on the method you choose to advertise the page and the popularity of your web service. In another case, you can agree with Vpartners about the agreed amount for each player listed. So, for example, you will receive a predetermined amount for registering a new user who has transferred from your blog or site to the casino site.

Actually, everything seems a bit complicated, but nothing is simpler. If you describe the whole situation in a few words, then you:

  1. You have your own blog, website, other web page where you want to advertise various casinos using the affiliate program.
  2. Go to www.welcomepartners.com, go through a simple registration process, which takes less than a minute, even for a beginner.
  3. Leave your contact details, such as skype or telegram, so that representatives of Casino VPartners can contact you to clarify some data, leave the same link to your site.
  4. Then you choose an advertising tool that is convenient for you and place it on your website.
  5. Get money passively without investing any extra energy.

This offer is not limited in time, but the more advertising agencies and blogs are involved, the less you will receive, so we will go straight to registration in order to start earning faster.


Only registration at VPartnersCasino separates you from the first passive earnings in life? This is not a problem, because the issue of registering a new user will be resolved right now.

To get started, go to the official VPartnersCasino page. In the upper right corner of the site we see the Registration button in green, which is the first thing that catches your eye.

After clicking on this button, a special registration form will open, filling in which you can become a partner.

To start registration, enter your email address, which will receive various notifications in the future, your account will be linked to it on the site and if you lose the email address you will not be able to log into your personal account, so choose a valid email address.

After that, we come up with a complex password consisting of at least 8 characters, then duplicate it to make sure that there were no typos during input.

The next step is to enter your telegram or skype in order to speed up the process of your verification and get an offer from VPartnersCasino as soon as possible. Next, enter the mobile phone number and confirm that we agree with all the rules of the site, having read them before that.

In addition, there are various methods of quick authorization, including login on the site using a Google account, twitter or Facebook. So you just need to enter your account information and that’s all. And if the browser is autocomplete, then authorization will only take a few seconds.

Could you even think that just a couple of seconds separates you from your earnings with VPartnersCasino? But everything is somehow too beautiful and folding turns out. The question naturally arises, is it possible to trust this affiliate program? Because a huge number of fraudsters on the Internet alarm many users, especially advanced ones.

Is it possible to trust?

Up to 55% of the passive income from a single user’s deposit sounds too attractive to be true, right? No, not so, because it really is.

Any webmaster can make huge profits from his site by just placing a few banners or demo games on one of the pages.

Why trust Casino VPartners? The gambling business, in addition, like any other, should be based only on trust and complete honesty between the client and the seller. It is with this rule that this affiliate program works. It is impossible to get great trust from the best casinos in the world, as well as from the creators of the largest sites and blogs, without making payments or cheating them.

The thing is that this program is the most optimal way to advertise gambling sites for both casinos and Vpartners, as well as for many owners of sites and other online sites. This is beneficial not only for you, but for all other people in this chain, including the client himself, who goes through the page and will use the services of one of the best casinos of the present with a hundred percent confidence.

A huge number of methods of promotion also attracts more and more webmasters, you can really choose the method that turns out to be the most convenient. Don’t want to clog your blog with casino banners? Use text ads, or post a special article on a separate page. It all depends only on you and your imagination, but of course, the more advertising on your site will be, the more conversions and money you will earn, but just do not overdo it so as not to lose your audience due to annoying pop-up messages.

In general, there is no sense in deceiving your customers, it is beneficial both for you and for Vpartners. Do not hesitate and give doubts to become between you and a stable profit.

Bonuses for Webmasters

If it’s hard to surprise you, then how is it for you. VPartners Casino offers its webmasters an excellent loyalty program, according to which you can get incredible prizes.

You can exchange the received traffic in a special store on the site at the velcom points, for them you get the opportunity to buy incredible devices in addition to making good money!

You get stable passive income, while you also get wellcome points that can be exchanged for Apple technology, various designer wallets, acoustics from Marshall, one of the best companies in their field, and much more.

In general, in addition to income, you can get a large number of status things that emphasize your position in society, while not doing anything at all. Post a link or other type of advertising on the site, get your payouts and great gifts as a bonus.

In addition, in honor of the holidays, different raffles of money and valuable prizes are also held. For example, April 4 was Webmasters day. That’s why, an excellent rally took place. For example, those people who will be able to pour 1,000 deposits from April 3 to 19 receive $ 2,000 from their top payments. If you manage to make more than 3000 deposits, then the bonus will be as much as 5 thousand dollars, well, if you and your referrals manage to make more than 4004 deposits, an additional 7000 dollars will be credited to your account.

Still in doubt, is it worth registering on the site? This is your business, while other people will earn a lot of money with minimal investment. Ah yes, by the way. In order to participate in the affiliate program, you do not need to damp some kind of starting capital.

You can start your business right after registration and succeed very much in it, there are no pitfalls or hidden payments, everything is clean and transparent as it should be.

Information and statistics

welcomepartners.com here you can also find transparent and accurate earnings statistics.

Statistics are updated on average every hour, so you can monitor your money in real time, as well as monitor the work of other webmasters, because on the main page you can find the top for the month and day.

In addition to everything, the average earnings of the masters is being updated, at the moment which is $ 2149 per week! And if you add to this amount a great bonus that you can get right now, for deposits using your link, you will get incredible earnings per week.

In addition to the fact that the update from the casino does not happen so often, it is best to monitor your statistics for the previous day, so you can accurately determine the number of clicks and the income that you will receive from the affiliate program.

Money comes to your balance every morning from 4-30 to 5, before that you can calculate the income only using the statistics provided on the site.

After the minimum amount of money necessary for withdrawal is collected on your balance, the funds will automatically be credited to your card or Internet wallet indicated in your account, there will never be a problem with this. At the same time, payments occur once a week. With one project, the minimum withdrawal amount is only $ 2, so that even small amounts can be immediately transferred to your account if there is such a need. And in case you have some difficulties, then support representatives are always ready to come to your aid.

Maximum earnings simply do not exist, improve your advertising tools, your website or mobile application where a banner or article is posted and get even more income every day from your attracted customers.

Three main models of earnings

For the convenience of webmasters, there are various principles for paying funds and paying for referred users.

The first model implies an income of 40% from all deposits made by casino users who click on your link.

The second model of the CPA, when in order to get the agreed amount, the referral must go to the site, register and make a minimum deposit amount, which is also discussed separately with the site administrators. After fulfilling the minimum requirements, you will immediately receive a fixed amount to the balance. To connect this particular model, you should contact the support service, where they will tell you everything in detail and help you connect.

Well, the third model, which is designed for users who want to cooperate for a long time.

It differs little from the first, but in this case, you will receive the following profit:

The first five deposits will be credited to you 25% of their amount, then from six to two hundred deposits, you will receive as much as 45%, after which, starting from 201 deposits, you will be charged 55% of the deposit each time. This model is the most profitable of all, but in order to get huge profits with its help, you need to get started and get profit from the first two hundred deposits, it will be much easier and more funds will be deposited into your account every day.

Withdrawal Methods

You can set up a method by which funds will be withdrawn from your balance on the website to your wallet in your personal account.

There are a huge number of methods to simplify the output process and make it convenient.

Kiwi, Wire Transfer, Skrill, WebMoney and many other ways are waiting for you.

If there is a desire to change your details or your card is blocked, then this is not a problem, you can always change them.

To use this feature, you will need to create a ticket to the support service, requests for changing details are accepted every week from Tuesday to Friday until 15:00. On Monday, this function is disabled in order to avoid subsequent problems with payments, which just automatically pass on that day.

In addition to payment details, if you want, you can change the password required to access your account.. Just enter the new password twice and it will immediately change. Please re-enter your account for the changes to take effect and use the new password for the remaining time.

In case you forget the password there is a recovery function. If you want to perform this action, you need an email, a letter will come with detailed instructions on what to do to reset your password. Since losing access to the email means losing access to your account on the site and money, be extremely careful when you choose a means of protection of your personal account.


Ready to always come to help, the support service is working as it should. And this is not strange, because much depends on her slavot.

Without a support service, you will not be able to complete the registration, because it is the support representatives who will contact you according to the specified data during registration, via skype or via telegram. No matter what type of advertising you use, text or an offer with free spins and no deposit codes, support will always explain to you how best to do this to attract customers.

In addition to this, if you decide to use the second model of earnings, you will have to create a request to the support service and communicate with them in order to avoid all inaccuracies.

There are various ways to contact them.

But, first you need to go to the Contacts section of the site. Next you will find Skype, a link to the telegram account and email, all three methods can be used to contact the support team in the way that suits you best.

If you want a quick answer, use a telegram or skype, you can also use the request form on this page. To do this, simply describe the essence of your problem or question, enter your full name and email, then the answer will come to your mailing address, you just have to wait for it.

Never hesitate to use support services, because it was created specifically to solve your problems and be sure that they will answer you quickly and politely, proving the status of the affiliate program again.


In conclusion, you can summarize all the advantages of a deal with VPartners Casino.

Firstly, a net stable income that does not depend on you at all, all you need to check your wallet balance every Monday is to find out if the money has arrived.

An excellent loyalty program where you can get great branded items, for example, iPhone or Louis Vuitton branded backpack.

An excellent reputation among similar agencies and only the best casinos attracted, you should not be ashamed of the fact that you will advertise a bad casino or something like that.

In any case, it’s worth trying to earn money with VPartners Casino, because it doesn’t cost a good webmaster anything, and you will get very decent money for it.